Welcome to WiselyWelded permanent jewelry! 

You have either stumbled upon this website on purpose or by mistake but either way, We're glad you're here! WisleyWelded offers gold-filled and sterling silver options at this time. What makes permanent jewelry permanent you may ask? it is really simple, there is no clasp. We will measure specifically for you and then weld the metals together. Not only is getting permanent jewelry an experience it's a way to make day to day easier. Which we all would love! WiselyWelded doesn't have brick and mortar, we travel to do pop-up events or even private parties.
We cannot wait to get you and your friends welded!

WiselyWelded - Mary Briones

Meet the Owner
Mary Briones

Hi! Welcome to WiselyWelded, I am so glad you're here!
I am a new mama to a sweet baby girl, an office manager at a medical practice, and a wife to my amazing husband, you may be wondering... why start a business? That is the million-dollar question. I needed something that would help pay for childcare for my little one and then a way for mama to get a little bit of a break and adult conversation. I had no idea how much I would LOVE doing permanent jewelry and meeting all of you guys! My favorite part of welding is YOU! I love being able to connect and be part of your unique story. WiselyWelded has completely stolen my heart and became my second baby. I am expanding by adding amazing people to our team of welders and can't wait to meet each of yall and get you welded! 





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